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Anthropology and related fields of study

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Which field/subdiscipline (physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology) are the following specialties associated with?

1. ethnography
2. primatology
3. molecular anthropology
4. cultural resource management
5. forensic anthropology
6. ethnology

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The solution is a concise 253-word narrative explaining what the varied fields of anthropology (listed in the original problem/long description) is about - their associations and scope of study. References are provided.

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Hello. The solution below should get you started. Please remember that in the sciences, fields of study often mix methods and breakthroughs and a subfield in one can easily become of interest to another (i.e. forensic anthropology). Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Anthropology and related fields of study

1. Ethnography - this subfield is associated with the social sciences (the application of the method to qualitative studies) especially in the discipline of ...

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