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Anthropology and related fields of study

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Which field/subdiscipline (physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology) are the following specialties associated with?

1. ethnography
2. primatology
3. molecular anthropology
4. cultural resource management
5. forensic anthropology
6. ethnology

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Hello. The solution below should get you started. Please remember that in the sciences, fields of study often mix methods and breakthroughs and a subfield in one can easily become of interest to another (i.e. forensic anthropology). Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Anthropology and related fields of study

1. Ethnography - this subfield is associated with the social sciences (the application of the method to qualitative studies) especially in the discipline of ...

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The solution is a concise 253-word narrative explaining what the varied fields of anthropology (listed in the original problem/long description) is about - their associations and scope of study. References are provided.

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Ethnographic Fieldwork

In describing and interpreting human cultures, anthropologists have long relied on ethnographic fieldwork, including participant observation.

1. What makes this research method uniquely challenging and effective?

Need help in answering the above, particularly related to the following:
1. challenges linked to interviewing and informants
2. challenges linked to gender, both of the subject and the anthropologist.
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