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The study will be conducted by telephone, therefore telephone directory can be used for this purpose.
All the entries in the directory can be considered population.
From the directory, andomly 40 numbers can be selected to ensure a random sample of the population.
This should ensure that the population is providing representation from all subscribers.
This sample can be analyzed also to assist in making sure that the sample sufficiently covers the entire population,
and is not skewed to one or more segments.

1) Followings are the problems:
-For researchers difficult to analyse some answers, being open to interpretation.
-It is time consuming for respondent answering questionnaire.
-Because of social desirability, respondent not being completely truthful about their response.
-They ...

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In brief discussion about open ended question in surveys. A problem related to hypothesis test whether population means are equal or not, solved.Also, a problem testing whether given data indicate population p value as specified values.