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    Speed of response to customer complaints

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    One of the major measures of the quality of service provided by an organization is the speed with which the organization responds to customer complaints. A large family-held department store selling furniture and flooring, including carpet, had undergone a major expansion in the past several years. In particular, the flooring department had expanded from 2 installation crews to an installation supervisor, a measurer, and 15 installation crews. A business objective of the company was to reduce the time between when the complaint is received and when it is resolved. During a recent year, the company received 50 complaints concerning carpet installation. The data from the 50 complaints, represent the number of days between the receipt of the complaint and the resolution of the complaint are:

    77 30 14 22 129 113 113 32 64 38
    57 8 38 140 34 30 155 5 126 84
    97 34 29 8 15 7 168 35 32 31
    32 29 28 4 17 16 16 13 8 30
    7 55 33 25 39 29 23 26 36 71

    a. Construct a frequency distribution and a percentage distribution table.

    b. Construct a histogram and a frequency polygon.

    c. Construct a percentage cumulative frequency chart (ogive).
    By using your ogive, estimate the percentage of complaints below 50 days.

    d. On the basis of the results of (a) through (c), if you had to tell the president of
    the company how long a customer should expect to wait to have a complaint
    resolved, what would you say? Explain.

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