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    I am having difficulty creating a question with this data. I am to create a presentation that is an hour and a half long. So I am thinking of formulating one broad question with three sub questions. Can someone help me? Thank you.

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    For a question like this, first, you need to examine the data to see if there are any interesting patterns, relationships or trends that emerge. From these patterns, relationships or trends questions often come to mind.

    For example, as I looked at this particular data set, the first two things I noticed were that most of the outbreaks occurred in the first two locations (Long Term Care Facility and Seniors Lodge) and of the same type of outbreak Norovirus). Obviously, there is a relationship between location type and the number and type of outbreak. The questions that come to mind were ...

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    Based on the attached data, this solution discusses the trends found in the data and then looks at several questions to consider in preparation for a presentation.