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Generating Hypotheses for t-Tests and ANOVAS

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In doing the test for the ANOVA one-way or two-way, how would you describe the F ratio of ANOVA as compared to a two-way or is there a difference?

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The following posting helps with statistics. Concepts covered include hypothesis tests, F ratios, one-way and two-way ANOVAs.

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For two way ANOVA, we could have three F tests. To make it clear, we compare the salaries (x$100) between different age groups and different gender.
Age Women Men
16-19 240 250
239 261
241 269
20-24 301 320
303 325
305 330
25-34 420 513
423 515
425 520
35-44 470 630
473 640
476 635
45-54 496 690
497 693
500 696
55-64 426 660
428 659
430 665

By running "two factor ANOVA with replication" under "data analysis" in excel, ...

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