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Critical review of statistics used in Research article

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Find an article on job satisfaction and answer the questions below:

1. Provide a 1 page write up of the research highlighting where statistics is being used and why it's used.
3. Based on the research, set up two sets of hypotheses (one null & one alternative makes one set) that can be tested using ANOVAs. You do not have to test your hypotheses.

These questions are supposed to come from the attached article

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This posting illustrates how students can critically review the statistical tests used in the research article and how can they think of other statistical tests which might have been conducted. To illustrate this a small research on Job Satisfaction of Finance Executive is taken. The analysis along with two suggested hypothesis where ANOVA can be used for testing is presented in word format (600 words).

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Write up of the research highlighting where statistics is being used and why it's used.
The first concept of statistics used in the article is the sampling technique used to identify the sample for the survey. The sampling technique used is stratified random sampling. In stratified random sampling, we divide the population into relatively homogeneous groups called strata. Then we can use either of two approaches. Either we select at random from each stratum a specified number of elements corresponding to the proportion of that stratum in the population as a whole or we draw an equal number of elements from each stratum and give weights to the results according to the stratum's proportion of the total population. In the given case, the survey is ...

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