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Diversity in the Workforce

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Find three websites relevant to the diverse employee group (e.g. various sexual orientations) and provide a paragraph that analyzes and evaluates these sites relative in managing the diverse employee groups of sexual orientation. Include what was helpful and not helpful and explain your reasons. Draft two questions for a manager or human resource representative that you could use during an interview for a course project.

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Please find my notes below. In addition, I provide two sample questions that you could ask a human resources manager related to this topic.

One particularly helpful website that helps in the management of employees who are gay or lesbian is the Workforce Diversity Network (www.workforcediversitynetwork.com/res_articles_genderequality_mcnaught.aspx). This is particularly useful to human resource managers because it aimed to help companies create a more welcoming environment for this particular diverse group of employees. It provides strategies for better accommodating ...

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The solution discusses diversity in the workforce for example various sexual orientations.

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Diversity represents an organization's fundamental (employee relations) attitude that it not only respects and values the individuality of its employees...but also understands how to tap the potentially significant contributions inherent in diversity... Strategically as human resource professionals take a leadership role... how do we maximize the benefits of a diverse workforce in a changing marketplace?

Answer should not be less than 200 words. Please provide any references used. Please do not merely copy and paste from websites but actually discuss.

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