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An Insight into Workplace Socialization

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Has the workplace changed over time?

What is the socialization process of the workplace (Is there one? Has it changed?), the work culture (Is there one? How is it transmitted?), causes of change, and how can changes have affected workers?

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To answer your posting I decided to create a solution that defines and exemplifies the sociological concepts involved in socialization in a workplace. While I gave examples I primarily focused on the socialization processes involved or indicated by the particular questions you have. I also chose to relate the relationship of workplace culture and socialization, particularly the creation of norms and it's maintenance over time. There are anthropological interpretations that would differ from the solutions I provided but since this is a sociological posting I limited it within. I recommend that you try to see if you can get your hands on the books I used as sources, it would give you great insight, particularly the book by Hughes since it gives great detail on the sociology of work & it's relation to the immediate social aspects that affect an individual -- family & work. If you have questions about the solution do not hesitate to send me a message. Thank you for using Brainmass! Good luck. Attached is the word version of the solution, print it and use as your guide.

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An Insight into Workplace Socialization & Culture

Socialization: A Definition

Before discussing the process of socialization in a working environment, let us first define what it is about. We are born without culture --- we learn it from our parents, friends, and school environment. Socialization is about the creation of cultural and social network skills within an individual. It becomes one's guide in approaching and viewing the world as he lives his life. Experience, the culture and the way of our parents and immediate circle, the media, what we see, language, religion ---- all these that contribute towards our experiences factor into our socialization. From sociological point of view socialization points to the processes by which one learns to become a part of a culture.

Social Agents

Factors that contribute towards socialization are social agents; social forces that has an effect on how things are organized, how they become. Individuals, groups, people are social agents. They carry on roles that are shape the structures, conditions and systems that allow for particular cultures & societies to exist. For example in an office workplace, the structure of hierarchy is in place. The social agents are the people that fill the roles indicated in the hierarchy.

Culture inside a Workplace

It is very important to understand that culture is not limited to its anthropological indications in dances, ...

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The Solution looks at the socialization process of the workplace, the culture developed within it and the causes of change within the social structures and among the social agents and the agency that is enclosed within the secondary group that is the workplace over time. The solution provides concise definitions of related sociological concepts and relates them to each other either as social agencies or social structures. It also discusses a few of the theories that are used to discuss workplace socialization. The solution includes a word version attached.