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Workplace Change Survey Questions

Brainstorm questions and create a survey to administer to their respective coworkers. The survey should allow the team to gather information about how their respective workplaces have changed over a set period (e.g., the last 10 years). Questions should focus on the socialization process of the workplace (Is there one? Has it changed?), the work culture (Is there one? How is it transmitted?), causes of change, and how changes have affected workers.

Include subjects that have been employed with the company for varying amounts of time (e.g., new hire, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years)

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I have done a lot of surveys, and I like to use the appreciative inquiry process that helps people to focus on the positive instead of the negative. To learn more about AI, go to: http://appreciativeinquiry.case.edu/

In terms of your survey, you might ask these questions:
1. In the last 10 years, what has worked well at ...

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The solution provides the student suggested questions and inquiries to use and include in a potential survey that seeks to investigate the changes in a workplace over a set period of time (see long description).