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TV and development of family values

Please discuss the impact of television shows on family values. Please provide one positive example and one negative example. I would like this discussion to be at least 400 words so I can gain a full understanding of the topic. Thanks.

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Family Values & TV Shows

In a modern family home, the television is a central component in that many activities in relation to entertainment is centered on it. TV shows ranging from news and public affairs to soap operas, criminal procedurals, dramas, cable movies and children's programming (i.e. cartoons, educational themes from Nickelodeon & Disney, etc.) provide a variety of entertainment choices that in most families the world over today, routine include daily television viewing. TV viewing affects socialization. Socialization is the process of learning, assimilating and participating in a cultural exchange whereby agents of socialization affect each other to contribute to the bigger social dynamics of a particular people/culture/group/tribe. Now, the actors, presenters and characters on TV whatever genre and medium they are in affect our perception of reality, our morality and ethical considerations when we view their shows. TV is a powerful medium that creates and sustains trends and also has the power to set aside and question our own set of ...

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The solution is a 751-word essay that discusses how TV shows impact the practice and development of family values. negative and positive family values that have come to surface via this way are included. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.