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    Applying Erikson's Theory of Development to TV Shows

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    Student's original question:

    I need to analyze the characters of the TV show Happy Days based on the eight stages of Erikson's theory of development.

    Roseanne Conner, Dan Conner, Becky Conner, Darlene Conner, DJ Conner, and Jackie Harris.

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    My thoughts on the Roseanne characters' psychosocial development stages:


    Roseanne is at Stage 7 (generativity versus stagnation). She's clearly at this stage of her life cycle and is certainly engaged in the world through her family. She often shows stagnation and disatisfaction in regards to work outside the home, but it clear she is engages in this outside work almost entirely to support her family and not 'personal fulfillment'. There's obvious ambivalence about her family life and occassional signs she is tempted to 'stagnate' and forgo her familial obligations. However in the end she always seems to 'do the right thing' and support her family. Overall, her commitment to her family, which is clearly her primary engagement with the world, is strong and suggests she is successfully making her way through this stage of her ...

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    Concrete example of applying Erikson's Theory of Development. In this case Erikson's theory is used to analyze the psychosocial development shown by the main character's in the sitcom Roseanne.