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    Erik Eriksons' Eight Stages

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    Erik Eriksons' Eight Stages

    Choose three characters from television or movies and consider how their behavior fits into Erikson's eight stages of development based on their age.

    Discuss your results of the TV activity, describing the characters you identified and their stage of life as it pertains to Erikson's Eight Stages.

    Describe how you came to the determination of their current stage of life with examples from the television shows that you watched.

    Support your discussion with scholarly references

    *If you do not have access to a television, you can view a selected television show from the following sites:




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    Erik Erikson's Eight stages:

    In the television show known as Ugly Betty, the main character called Betty, during her teenage years, tries to find her identity in a world that is confusing but eventually, she ended up maintaining her identity through hard work even though most of the people around her believed that she would not succeed in fashion. The stage of industry versus inferiority is seen in the character of Lisa Simpsons from The Simpsons whereby Lisa shows her unique abilities in school so that the ...

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    Erik Eriksons' eight stages are examined. The result of the TV activity is determined.