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The Conflict Perspective: Corporate Welfare

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Please help me in taking on the academic problem below -

In a time of economic turmoil and a major presidential election, do you agree or disagree with the conflict perspective on corporate welfare? Explain and defend your view.

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Dear Student,
This solution is short & concise due to the fact that I only logged on a moment ago and your post was due. Don't worry, to answer this question you just need to understand two concepts. I would also want you, if you can to read the recent releases of time magazine covering the story on the US economy & the subprime crisis.

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Concept 1: The Conflict Perspective

Rooted in the Conflict theory, it is defined as thus -

"The Conflict perspective stresses that in order to understand society, we must
Understand the struggle between groups (race, gender, age, social class, etc.). The power groups will always try to maintain their status through manipulation,
Exploitation and control."
---- Social Science Faculty, Cypress College, 2007

Bluntly, it zeroes in on the role & capacity to control an individual or a group has over a social phenomenon that requires 'fixing' to achieve social order. Let us take, in its simplest, a household. During their teen years, two brothers are always in constant conflict with each other due to their differences, the onset of puberty & their personalities. Assuming that the younger brother stole from the elder brother and when the other found out, there was a huge brawl. Their mother was concerned about their welfare & tried to make them 'Makepeace' with each other, to forgive. The father, however, sees the need to establish discipline and put into operation the 'rules' he has on stealing & fighting. The father punishes both sons, the younger for stealing, the other for inciting a fist fight. Grounded, stripped of their allowances and living within set rules, a reality sets into the boys and when a semblance of peace returns, the father initiates a family dialogue to understand and get to the bottom of all the ...

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The solution, in an APA format essay takes on the issue of corporate welfare viewed via the conflict perspective in a period where economic turmoil and the presidential election are happening at the same time. It asks the validity and applicability of the conflict perspective and defends a viewpoint taken with regards to its validity. It is also attached as a word file for easy printing.

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