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Analyzing Client's Thought Process and Viewpoint

I had a client tell me the other day that she used to give to a lot of charities and buy toys for low income families during Christmas time. She said she believed in helping others, however she stopped doing this last year because she feels that it feeds into the corrupt system of welfare. She said donating to charities conflicts with her values that welfare programs should not exist because people abuse them. What would you say about her thought process and whether this is a selfish viewpoint?

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Now, you have not related in the problem the issue that the client is coming to you for (anger management, depression, anxiety issues, stress management, etc.). But, based on what you have provided, I am assuming that the client is experiencing some levels of stress in her life, and she is finding it hard to view life in a positive and hopeful way. From what she has talked with you over the conversation you had, you gleaned that she believes that her values conflict with giving to charity as doing so 'feeds into' the corrupt system of welfare.

Normally, in a 'talk-therapy' setting, you must encourage your client to talk as talk is part of the therapy. It appears to me that you have done so. You have discovered that she used to give a lot to charity especially for low income families during Christmas. But while you have gleaned a 'general view' of your client's perspective, it is essential to delve into more details so as to substantiate why she has arrived to that conclusion. What does she mean about ...

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The expert analyzes the client's thought processes and viewpoints.