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Substance Abuse and Career Success

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Drug addiction and alcoholism can severely affect an individuals work performance. In what ways can alcohol and drug use affect job performance and career success? What are some of the dangers of working with those afflicted with addiction. What are some of the ways that employers can help substance abusing employees?

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This solution discusses drug and alcohol abuse in the work place and what companies can do to help protect themselves from the adverse effects of having impaired employees on staff.

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There are many ways in which substance abuse (alcohol and/or drugs) can affect workers on the job. Because one's level of cognitive impairment is significantly altered from the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, many things can happen that adversely affect them, their co-workers, and their workplace environment as a whole. Examples include an increased risk of accidents in the workplace and lower productivity (not working to the best of their ability because of impairment). When there is a decline in productivity, there is often a reduction in profits seen by the company, and this could include assigning the abuser's work to other staff members and having the company either hire additional personnel or pay personnel extra money. Also, because of one's altered ...

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