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    Pros and Cons of Social Promotion

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    Please assist me with the following sociology question:

    Social promotion is the promoting of a student from one grade to the next even if he or she is failing courses. The rationale for social promotion is that moving students to the next grade prevents them from being stigmatized because they are older and bigger than other children in their classes. A number of cities have recently passed legislation banning the practice. In these cities, all students would be required to pass proficiency tests before they would be passed on to the next grade. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of this change? Do you agree with it? Why?

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    Social Promotion

    Social promotion is the policy of moving the student to the next level (a general student, not a special student) even if they have not completed all the requirements of the current school year, or can be said to have learned all the necessary lessons and materials. The idea is to keep them among their age-level peers, and to keep the 'seat time', or ...

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