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Promoting Team Work

Research suggests American teams focus on task behaviors and neglect maintenance behaviors, resulting in less effective team performance.

What are some strategies that you would employ to balance task and maintenance behaviors?

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Task v. Maintenance behaviors

http://www.ipedia.com/functional_leadership_model.html - gives you good definitions of task and maintenance behaviors. They utilize the word "group" instead of team. I have inserted that information for your review... and it is in the blue ink. My opinions and suggestions remain in black ink. Your assignment instructions are in red.

Functional leadership model

In the functional leadership model, one conceives of leadership not as a person but rather as a set of behaviors that help a group perform their task or reach their goal. Leadership behaviors can be divided roughly into three types:

Substantive, or behaviors directly relevant to performing the group's task, such as proposing possible solutions or providing important ...

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