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    Process Evaluation Paper

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    o Develop at least one process evaluation measure and at least one outcome evaluation measure that you suggest for the Consultation and Education Department at Greenby Community Mental Health Center to display the programâ??s effectiveness and efficiency.

    o What are the scope and purpose of your process evaluation measure and outcome evaluation measure and how did they influence your design?

    o What issues and challenges may arise from evaluating the Greenby Community Mental Health Center?

    o Explain why an evaluation may be helpful to the Consultation and Education Department director's situation.

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    Greenby C&E Process Evaluation

    A process evaluation is aimed at 'enhancing' a current program by means of a formative analysis. It can be done anytime to describe and study the conceptualization, planning and implementation of a particular program. A key note about a process evaluation is that it isn't aimed at measuring the success or failure of a program - its focus is the process and not the outcome. Its aim is to see whether a program has been implemented as planned, using feedback to adjust and enhance interventions. It has a great impact on the on-going development of a program by revealing its strength & weaknesses.

    The case of the Greenby Community Mental Health Center's Consultation and Education Department somewhat suggests that while it is not a key income earner, it drives awareness and thus increases participation into revenue-making programs. The problem that the Center's Executive Director has is that even with the obvious service and awareness-raising effort the program has, because the revenue numbers; he cannot justify the program to the Board of Directors to protect it from funding cut. Andy Cutter, the Consultation & Education ...

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    The solution is a sample process evaluation paper that presents a sample measure and outcome evaluation on a particular case study (Greenby Community Mental Health Center). The scope, purposes, issues, challenges and relevance of the evaluation is discussed and explained. The solution is in the form of an 839-word essay following the APA-format.