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Personal conduct and job problems

Situation: you military member who have assignment to move from one station to another station with the family (let's say going to Germany), all household goods already had been shipped to the Germany, and in present time you and your family leave in hotel and ready to leave, due to unpleasant consequences (let's say member did something wrong) member can lose the assignment.

1.Explain the hardship losing your assignment will cause your family?
2.Any other mitigating factors you can think of.

Thank you

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The most basic things will be a place to live, their household goods for a timeframe that it takes to arrive in new place and return, and embarrassment. Each person has to deal with the aspect of what they will do with their expectations of moving and how they will re enter their current lives. Children will have to be re enrolled in schools and jobs may be necessary for the adults. Making do ...

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A discussion of how the personal conduct of a military person can affect life and family. Situation is presented in question.