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Non-verbal Communication & effective communication

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What is non-verbal communication and how does one improve it?

How can one be self-aware of their non-verbal gestures?

What is needed to be an effective communicator in a criminal justice profession?

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise on the topic of non-verbal communication. All the questions (see above) are provided answers to guide the student in understanding the subject. Accessible online resources are also listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Non-verbal Communication

What is non-verbal communication? Put simply, it is communicating without the use of speech whereby messages and meaning is exchanged (sent, recieved) by body language, eye contact, facial expressions and hand gestures, by the use of objects (for their symbolic meaning) and the use of images and visual materials (i.e. a heart to symbolise love). While we tend to think that we only communicate with words, we are actually expressing ourselves - how we feel, what we really think via non-verbal cues in our body language, gestures, tone of voice and facial expressions for example. In a professional environment where effective communication is necessary to ensure that the intended meaning of the speaker is what is ...

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