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    Natural Resources: Management & Depletion of Oil & Water

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    Water CycleThe global water cycle provides renewable water, but a number of factors affect how much freshwater is available for human consumption. Describe these factors and circumstances. When do human interventions in water availability pose serious problems to freshwater accessibility?

    Age of Oil The past century has been referred to as the Age of Oil. As we reach a possible peak in oil production, what alternatives are forming? Consider the role of OPEC, perhaps, in reorganizing and monitoring oil production. What do you think is the most viable way to address after effects of this possible peak?

    at least 150 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.

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    On the Water Cycle

    Science has taught us that H2O or water goes through a particular cycle, taking on it's varied forms in nature. As it goes through the cycle, man utilizes its varied forms to serve his needs: to quench the thirst, to clean and rejuvenize the body, the produce energy, to create exciting landscapes, etc. Without water, life on this planet will cease to exist. We and all life on Earth are so dependent on water that it is vital we keep the water cycle going at its healthy rate. It would seem though that water should not be an issue, 70% of our planet's surface is covered in water and water is one of the factors that keep the climate and weather systems going. Throughout the millennia water has shaped our planet's surface and the abundance, lack or existence of water can decide the ability of man to survive in a particular geography. Since some geographies lack good water sources for drinking and human consumption of freshwater, we intervene with the water cycle process to draw what we need. We dig water wells, we desalinate, we create dams to create reservoirs and arrive at the ability to do hydrothermal or hydroelectric energy. Aside from this, there are the activities that lead to the pollution of freshwater sources - lakes, rivers, underground water resources (the activities above like farming, drilling, etc. can poison or divert the water stored below). All these activities can dry up water resources and where once man has come to access water, damming, drilling, farming, contaminant run-off - they have either made freshwater unhealthy for human consumption, or led to the disappearance of the once-there source ...

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