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Effects of Natural Resource Depletion

How do you feel about the assertion that industrialized nations are depleting natural resources, particularly from developing countries? Explain your answer. What are the short-and long-term effects of such depletion?

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Countries such as the United States have been exploiting the natural resources of developing countries since inception. We take oil, fruits, vegetables, natural gas, gold, ivory, etc. from countries who cannot afford NOT to export these goods. Even Canada drills oil from their land, exports it to the United States, and then buys it back to sell to Canadian consumers. It is a vicious cycle that punishes third world countries unfairly.

A specific example is Guatemalan ...

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This solution provides an overview of the short and long term effects of the depletion of natural resources in developing countries. Includes the role industrialized nations play in depleting these resources. This solution is 300 words.