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    Growth vs. Environmental Protection

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    Is the depletion of natural resources really a concern for future generations?
    Doesn't economic growth, and the innovation that generates it, produce more and more substitutes or new discoveries of reserves for what is being depleted?
    How do oil reserves look, compared to what we thought they were 25 years ago?

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    Is the depletion of natural resources really a concern for future generations?

    Our lives depend on natural resources and because of this it is important to take care of them. The overuse of natural resources is short-sighted. Until now this mostly has been a problem for the poorest countries in the world, but in the future also forthcoming generations are likely to be affected. According to the definition of sustainable development, future generations have to be left the same possibilities for living as we now have. This means that depletion of natural resources and biological diversity cannot be accepted. As population and economies grow, resource depletion accelerates until physical limits are reached and resource exhaustion occurs. Today, government planners, having been judged incompetent when it comes to overseeing economic production, are firmly entrenched in ...

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