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Air and Water Pollutants

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What are two types of air pollutants and two types of water pollutants, what are their effects on the environment?

Are the selected air pollutants considered primary or secondary pollutants and why they are considered to be primary or secondary and discuss the sources of these pollutants?

How do the air pollutants affect the different layers of the atmosphere? How do these pollutants affect human, plant, and animal life?

What are the selected water pollutants and what is the sources of these pollutants and their effects on water resources and aquatic life?

What is the effect of poor water quality on humans and the environment. What are some solutions for reducing poor water quality?

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What are two types of air pollutants and two types of water pollutants, what are their effects on the environment?
Particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are two types of air pollutants. Particulate matter is a combination of extremely small particles and water droplets. They contain dust particles along with various acids and gases. Particulate Matter more than 10 micrometers cause lung diseases. Nitrogen oxides is responsible for global warming. They are produced from vehicles and power plants as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels. When these oxides combine with rain they form acid rain. Acid rain is harmful for plants and aquatic life.

Water is a good diluting agent. Hence all types of industrial wastes, domestic waste etc. are directed towards major water sources. But when these are discharged in excess then the water gets contaminated. Nutrient pollution and oxygen depletion are some types of water pollution. When wastes which are high on nutrient content are discharged in water they cause excessive growth of algae and weed which in turn cause the water ...

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