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    Effects of advertising on the public.

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    Describe the effects of advertising on the public. Select two to three exemplar advertisements to illustrate your points. If you do not include copies or text of the actual advertisements, be sure to describe them thoroughly in the assignment. What do you think are the hoped-for effects of these ads on their audience, and what are the actual effects? Describe any subliminal messages that are expressed and the effects they are intended to have. To summarize and examine the legality and morality of advertising methods in creating and responding to the needs of society. Do you think there should be limits on what and how items are advertised?

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    Some ideas for advertisements:
    1. Look at cereal commercials on Saturday mornings, particularly. Who do they seem to be targeting? Children, right? And, are they really nutritious cereals? Often no. But, they know that children are probably awake watching cartoons on TV and will ask their parents to buy that particular cereal the next time they are in the grocery store.

    2. McDonald's commercials are also good. They have been the target of a lot of the pro-health, anti-obesity campaigns. So, they are trying to persuade people to ...

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