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Cost-effective research in counselling

In an era of managed care, family therapy requires research that demonstrates the cost effectiveness of treatment. I need guidance in analyzing how to combine basic research or research and development research with cost-effectiveness research to demonstrate the cost and therapeutic effectiveness of a family therapy intervention.

I would like to see and compare other approaches to this subject matter.

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Cost Effective Research

Doing research demands the use of a number of resources. Aside from the talent and skills of the researcher, doing research requires one to work with a budget. Research is a regular undertaking in the field of social work and human services for the purpose of determining the right decisions, measuring certain phenomenon and finding out the true details of human experience - all these are essential in coming up with working and relevant policies, programs and legislation to resolve social issues. Research costs, especially research of such wide scope either by the time necessary to undertake it, or due to factors like sample population, distance, need to employ additional support, need for equipment and the like, can be quite expensive. As such, research must have impact, must be relevant but above all, cost-effective. The US Department of Human Services conducts regular research endeavours across the country. A sizable proportion of the budget of the department is spent on research and the aim of the department is to make all research undertaking cost-effective. Now, when we say cost-effective, it does not mean cheap or inexpensive. An important word to note here is "comparative". A report to the US Senate about cost -effective research by Gretchen Jacobsen (2007), explained that the success, effectiveness and efficacy of a research undertaking are comparative, especially in the case of government-funded research. She wrote,

"....comparative effectiveness research compares the effectiveness of two or more health care services or treatments, and is one form of ... assessment. It compares outcomes ...

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