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    Effective Electronic Communication System Memo

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    Create a memo that might be sent to the professional staff in your organization that discusses the elements of effective and professional electronic communication. Summarize your "Top Ways to Create Effective Electronic Communications" with do's and don'ts for your readers. Include in your email a professional signature. Be creative!

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    To: Main recipient
    Copies To: Staff Member names

    Date: 3 February 2010

    Subject: Effective Email System Memorandum

    It has come to my attention that staff members have been hampered by time spent trawling through hundreds of emails daily, specifically the problem of spam mail an d the difficulty to categorizing received electronic communications for the purpose of attending to them in a fast and efficient manner. Speed and efficiency in replying to or attending to electronic communications is very important - aside from saving time it gives the organization an edge over competition making us more productive as a unit. Because of the nature of our organization, each of us in our own mailboxes and as a collective receive hundreds, if not thousands everyday and we spend our first few hours just separating the wheat from the chaff in our mailboxes. Because of sheer volume, we are left with less time to act on important communications. Then there is also the question of security - some of us have fallen victims to viruses maliciously attached to email communications which effectively put some of our computer units in peril resulting to lost valuable and important data and information in the machines equating to poor performance. I have conducted a bit of research on our possible options to make the system more efficient from an individual basis. My target is to find ways to ensure that the electronic communications system of the organization is used effectively preserve ...

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    The solution is a sample memo entitled' Effective Email System Memorandum' whose outline and content make it appropriate to send within an organization to make electronic communication faster and more efficient to the demands and needs of the organization. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.