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    Impact of social institutions and groups on child development.

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    1. Discuss how groups (i.e. racial categories, sex categories, political groups, religious groups, etc) that people belong to impact a child's development and how they impact the life course.

    2. Discuss how the social institutions in the area (examples are schools, government, the family, religion) will impact children throughout their life course.

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    In terms of how groups affect a child's development, you can think about how much those around you affect how you think growing up. If a child is raised in a very religious household, let's say for example Evangelical Christian, they will be raised to believe that particular ways of acting are moral and immoral. This child would be raised to believe that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God and that it is a sin. They may also be raised to believe that drinking and dancing are also immoral. This can strongly impact how they come to know the world and other people. Consider if this child then went to a public high school where openly gay teens were forming a support group. How would that child react? What if that child knew that he or she was gay, but felt ...

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