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Policy changes that might reduce prison population and/or recidivism.

You're in a meeting with the mayor and police commissioner to address issues surrounding jailing, release and recidivism.

The United States prison population has tripled since 1980 to the point where the U.S. incarcerates a larger share of its population than any other country. In addition, about three-fourths of all state prisoners have been jailed before and, once released, about half will be back in prison within a few years.

Discuss changes in social policies that you believe might effectively reduce the prison population and/or the recidivism rate.

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First, you need to understand the assignment: you are supposed to discuss three interconnected subjects: the current U.S. prison situation, the release system and the phenomenon of recidivism.

For each one of them, you need to include data (always referencing) that indicates the current situation and mention the ...

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