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Decreasing inmate recidivism rates

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Please help me with:

Analysis of the US Justice system.
Conditions of US prisons.
A review of programs which seek to reduce recidivism in modern prisons.
A discussion about rehabilitative programs in prisons.
An analysis of re-introduction to society programs, or the lack thereof.
Current approaches to protect the public upon a prisoner's release.
New proposals to help protect the public and ensure that a prison does not re-offend upon release.

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The US justice system is a multifaceted system that seeks to remedy civil and criminal wrongs through the use of the court system as a means by which to make the determination as to right and wrong in civil and criminal disputes. At the present time the US justice system seems to be overwhelmed with the number of cases that it must adjudicate or preside over, due to the fact that the crime rate in many of the cities across this nation is extremely high, requiring a great deal of state and federal court resources in order to carry out justice effectively. In addition, the system is also overwhelmed by the number of civil lawsuits that are brought about by private citizens and organizations against other citizens and organizations. What must be said about the US justice system is that it is highly efficient in handling a multitude of different types of legal situations, and is designed to ensure that the guilty are punished for their crimes and that the innocent are ...

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Corrections - Alternative Sentencing Options

You work for a state judge as an administrative assistant. The judge is a proponent of alternative sentencing options but is frequently criticized for sentencing defendants to home detention, probation, community service etc. She has asked you to prepare an evaluation of the effectiveness of such options because he is scheduled to speak at a judge's conference dealing with sentencing issues.

1. Prepare a report on the effectiveness of alternative sentencing options and support your conclusions with data on rates of recidivism and savings of tax dollars earmarked for penal institutions.
2. What types of individuals should be considered for such programs? Please include references.

I need ideas and information to get me started. Thank you.

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