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    PHD Proposal Dissertation Topic

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    I am currently working on a case study that will focus on this subject;

    "Does customer service of Public Health Providers (such as community health clinics) workers have an impact on clients and the outcome of the their identified need"

    The premise of the study is to get identify if personnel professionalism prevent clients from seeking follow-up for their health needs because of attitudes and treatment from workers.

    What methodology would you use in such a study and what theory would be a good approach?

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    Dear Student,,
    I hope this solution gets to you in time. The information you have provided showed that you have put together a solid research proposal. As it stands, this proposal you have on infant mortality works well. I have assumed that the task you listed above is of course related to the infant mortality study we have proposed. As such, I have written the solution to be in tune with the purpose of that particular proposed research. Just let me know if you need any further help. I did not understand if you need full completion of the earlier material you messaged me with but there are elements there that do not at all relate to the posting. What I did was to get some of the elements from there and add it to the information I have put together in the solution below. All the best with your studies. I am very pleased to know you have recieved a Scientific Merit on the previous paper.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    1. Introduction

    Dissertation topic: Do interactions and customer service from Public Health Entities adversely impact Infant Mortality in Memphis Tennessee?

    The belief is that customer service in Public Health facilities has an impact on pregnant mothers utilizing those services for support because of attitudes and behavior of public health workers. Whether the clients continue to seek services during their pregnancy and after pregnancy or not does this affect the infant mortality rate. Data indicates that infant mortality is higher in the Memphis Tennessee than any other city in the United States. The research is to explore attitudes of recipient in identifies zip code areas in Memphis where infant mortality rate is highest. The study will address attitudes and personnel professionalism. Secondary data will be used from previous research.

    Data from Tennessee Department of Health and Shelby County Health Department. (Area codes where there is a high incident in Infant Mortality of Memphis Tennessee. Survey with clients who receive services from local health department entities (health clinics in the community areas and main Health Department. Sample with be pregnant mothers who receive services and also those who have had their babies and still need the resource services. Here are the specifics of the project. I provided 10 credits because of the length of the posting. When talking with some of the parents they indicated that the manner in which the health department workers treat them make them feel demeaning and ashamed and that they sometime do not return for services because of this. Subsequently one can imagine that if they do not return for their health needs for prenatal that this may affect the health of themselves and their pregnancy and possible newborn. They also indicated that the information that they receive from the health workers (flyers and other materials) are not utilized to the fullest because they don't think the health workers care about them and the information is typically not read.

    2.1 Research Problem

    Infant mortality rate in Shelby County is one of the highest in the state and in the US; why is this the case? Could it be that problematic interactions (or lack of) between public health entities and affected populations have led to the county's high infant mortality? Is poverty and education (or lack of) one of the key reasons behind non-cooperation with local agencies? Is the communication and cultural gap between the target population and members of local agencies to blame?

    2.2.1 Advancing the Scientific Knowledge Base

    As a ...

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    The solution provides a lenthy 1,956-word narrative that follows an outline for the proposed research which is a PhD Dissertation in Social Work. The topic is an exploration on the impact of public health workers on the outcomes of the people they serve. An introduction, a suggested research problem, relevance of the research, theoretical foundation for the study, likely study contribution and impact to the field of human services. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.