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The Socio-historical Perspective

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Can you explain the meaning of the term socio-historical perspective? Please provide an example of an event and explanation from a socio-historical perspective.

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Socio-historical is the perspective on a situation or event that encompasses both the societal aspects and the historical aspects. It usually expands the perspective beyond the single event to how it affected both perspectives over a period of time.

The Black Plague is a good example of an event that affected both society and history. The Black Plague (plague) was first seen in Europe in the mid-1300s. It came from the East and its arrival in Europe would mean a sweep across the continent that would last for six years and change the population by millions. The plague manifested as tumor like growths on the neck or groin, including the spots that were black or purple that signaled death was imminent. Delirium and the hemorrhages in the skin that caused the "black" effect would occur. Few survived the plague, which also appeared as a respiratory ...

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This solution provides a short definition of the socio-historical perspective and provides an example.

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