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Abnormal Psychology Models

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Analyze the

(1) Psychosocial
(2) Biological/ Medical and
(3) Sociocultural theoretical models related to the development of abnormal psychology

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This solution analyzes socio-cultural models of Abnormal Psychology

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Analyze the (1) PSYCHOSOCIAL, (2) BIOLOGICAL/ MEDICAL AND (3) SOCIOCULTURAL THEORETICAL MODELS related to the development of abnormal psychology.

? Socio-cultural models of abnormal psychology begin with the view that abnormal behavior is socially constructed. Thus the theoretical models involve explaining processes by which people come to describe, explain or account for the world in which they live (Gercen, 1984 (pps. 3-4). From this perspective, concepts such as mental disorder and/or psychopathology are historical and based on social and cultural understandings rather than individual experiences. Based on the sociocultural model, categories represent not what people are, but on other perspectives about them. Thus, social processes are used to differentiate people and interpret those differences as significant. For example, questions emerge based on the social constructive model as to why differences among individuals or groups are more important than other differences. ...

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