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Explain empowerment and empowerment theory

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Briefly explain empowerment and empowerment theory, the strengths perspective, and resiliency and why this focus is a vital concept in the generalist practice.

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The expert explains empowerment and empowerment theories.

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Empowerment and Empowerment Theory


Empowerment refers to the goals that people have and is a process that challenges our assumptions regarding succeeding, achieving, helping and power, and the way things can be done and are to be done. The main reason for empowerment is so that one can gain power. It requires that there is a possibility that power can change and that empowerment cannot be conceived and is not possible if there is no change in power. Empowerment is also possible when power can change and this means that empowerment is dependent on the fact that power is able to expand (Czuba & Page, n.d).

Empowerment theory:

The empowerment theory facilitates and evaluates empowerment and is divided into outcomes and processes. The theory is about understanding resources and control. The aim of this theory ...

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