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    Empowerment and Organizational Culture

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    1. Please explain the concept of empowerment and why it is important.
    2. Please explain the importance of organizational culture.
    3. Please explain a stereotype and when you might like to use a stereotype for your own benefit.
    4. Please explain cognitive dissonance in an application toward your organization.
    5. Please explain the concept of expectancy theory.
    6. What would a content theory of motivation focus on?
    7. Please identify common methods to reduce stress.
    8. Explain the concept of culture and shared values and why it is important to an organization.
    9. Please explain Senge's five major factors.
    10. Please explain how you would combat Machiavellianism in your organization.

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    Empowerment refers to providing power to those that apparently do not have means of protecting themselves or controlling the situation that affects their lives or their work. In an organization it is important to empower the employees. Organizational culture is important because it refers to the set of beliefs, values, norms and symbols that represent the unique character of the organization. The culture is important influence on the manner in which people behave in the organization. It helps communication within the organization and helps the organization achieve its goals. Stereotype refers to a standardized mental picture that most member of a group hold that represents an oversimplified opinion of a person. This is a prejudice. I might use stereotypes when I need to make decisions about persons without having any information about them. I have observed cognitive dissonance when the customer to whom stretch wrapping machine is sold feels discomfort when he is taken aback by the current price of the machine but is pleasantly surprised by the ...

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    This solution describes different situation in which empowerment is important in organizational culture.