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Elements of Work and Change

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1. Identify important or significant changes in families since 1960.
2. What factors are responsible for this change?
3. On the balance, are families becoming weaker or simply different?
4. What evidence can you cite?
5. If you agree with the experts, what proposals do you have to strengthen the family?
6. If you disagree,why?

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There were several significant changes in families since the 1960s, including a sharp increase in the divorce rate thanks to new laws granting no-fault divorces. The increase in the divorce rate contributed to a record number of single-parent households, which has also contributed to these households living below the poverty level. With divorces being quick and easy to obtain, the number of unmarried couples living together and starting a family also began to increase.

Another change in family life was the record number of women entering the workforce. Before 1960, a woman's primary role was that of a housewife who took care of the family and household chores. Thanks to the rising ...

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