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The Islamic Way of Life

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Write a concise 500-700-word essay describing the major concepts, beliefs, practices, developments, and worldviews of Islam and how they are manifested in everyday life.

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The Muslim Worldview

According to Arab World Ministries (CBN, 2010), the 'key to the Muslim worldview is the word "Islam" itself. It is an Arabic word, a kind of verbal noun which Muslims love to tell you means "submission" (similarly, "Muslim" means "one who submits"). Its importance lies in the fact that it defines how Muslims understand the relationship that God intends should exist between Himself and man'. God is entirely an 'Other' so removed from man. Understanding God is impossible because of his transcendence For Muslims, this is what separates man from God. The difference in Christianity, for example is that the gap between Man and God is due to man's sin. The transcendence of God must be honoured by Man via complete and utter submission. For Muslims, Man needs guidance for even if man sins, he is endowed with the power and capacity to do good and to not sin. Man for Muslims is good and pure and can stay that way if they follow God's Law for without it, because of Man being weak, the gift of life will be wasted. Hence the Qu'ran and the Muslim traditions in place are there to ensure that the Law of God is put in place to be practised by Man for only Divine Law, to Muslims, can give social order. This social order based on Divine Law came to be practised from the time of Mohammed, the great Prophet for Muslims, the founder and ...

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The solution is a 1,041-word essay that describes the important aspects of an Islamic worldview and the practices, beliefs, traditions and social structures that enforce it. How these worldview is manifested in everyday life as well as in politics and keeping social order is included in the discussion. References are listed. A word version of the solution is attached.

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