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Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on their chosen research article?

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This is their discussion:

I have chosen the research article "Temperament and Character Modify Risk of Drug Addiction and Influence Drug of Choice." In the article the keywords 'Drug', 'Addiction and personality' helped when deciding which article to use. This research article provided quantitative values, representative figures, along with statistical significance calculations evidencing the correlation between the two parameters. Furthermore, research was conducted on the basis of a hypothesis predicting certain outcomes given the variables selected for during the investigation. Research questions included: an individual's persuasion of drug choice in permissive versus non-permissive environments, how personality factors influence chronic drug use, personal inclination towards specific substances, as well as assessing the overall risk involved with drug addiction.

During this study, research was conducted to provide insight into the possible relationship between personality predisposition and the selection of certain disesteemed substances. In this investigation, four sub-classes of temperament (novelty seeking, harm avoidance, reward dependence, and persistence) were used to predict addiction tendencies, as well as three categories of character traits (self-directedness, cooperativeness, and self-transcendence). Additionally, the two variables in this study were chosen on the basis of certain attributing properties: Opiates, as they realize a euphorogenic state, and alcohol on the basis of being an anxiolytic. The results showed a positive correlation between certain personality traits and substance preference. Furthermore, resulting analysis evidenced extensive interrelationship between the two aforementioned subgroups. The results specifically viewed that "opiate addicts manifested antisocial temperament configuration (high Novelty Seeking, low Reward Dependence) coupled with high Self-transcendence [whereas] alcohol addicts manifested sensitive temperament configuration (high Novelty Seeking coexisting with high Harm Avoidance)" (Milivojevic, Milovanovic, Jovanovic, Svrakic, Svrakic, Svrakic, & Cloninger, 2012).

Given this study, we are able to conclude that personality factors provide valuable insight or relevant criterion on which substance abuse can be better predicted for use in both preventative strategies and active understanding of risk factors associated with drug abuse.

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