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    The Use of Computers in Psychological Analysis

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    I need some ideas in exploring the use of computers in psychological analysis. I need to briefly summarize the article you located on computer-assisted psychological assessment, include the URL in your posting, and address the following:
    - Discuss the central finding of the article.
    - Evaluate the content of the article in terms of is importance to tests and measurements.
    - Discuss how the article supplements and extends the material in the text. Be specific in your examples.
    - Appraise the article in terms of its relevance to the standards.

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    Good morning,
    While BrainMass will not allow us to directly complete assignments for students I can provide you all the information you need to successfully complete this assignment on your own. I would suggest using the study called "Computer Applications in Clinical Psychology" by Alina Oana Zamosteanu. The URL where it can be found is: http://anale-informatica.tibiscus.ro/download/lucrari/7-2-14-Zamosteanu.pdf

    This article examines  the use and necessity of computer assisted analysis in all areas of psychology. Several studies have looked the benefits and drawbacks of using computer technology in psychological analysis and these are discussed in the article. This article also looks at the ability of a computer to accurately diagnose a person based on symptomology. The study then particularly examines one computerized assessment ...

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    This solution discusses an article that examines the benefits and drawbacks of using computer technology in psychological assessment.