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Choicing a sampling approach for a survey

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You are planning to conduct a client satisfaction study of former clients of the Department of Social Services (DSS) to determine their level of satisfaction with the services they received from DSS. Those former clients represent all racial groups (e.g., white, African American, Latino, Asian). You work at DSS and have access to a list of their addresses and phone numbers. Your supervisor wants to be able to generalize the findings to all recent former clients. In the process of contacting these former clients, you discover that a lot of the addresses and phone numbers you were given are no longer correct

Select a sampling approach you could use and give your reasons for selecting this approach. How could this problem affect the representativeness of your sample?

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This solution discusses a sampling approach for a given scenario.

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As the sampling frame is incorrect in the above-mentioned scenario due to lack of correct addresses and phone numbers of a lot of clients, the best sampling approach would be convenience sampling. In this approach, the respondents ...

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