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Psychological effects of sexual abuse and serious traumas

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Please provide an article about the psychological effects of various traumas from forms of physical and emotional abuse to other serious traumas.

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As a counselor you must be prepared for the repressed and the unrecovered memories that may arise after these various crimes like sexual abuse and even murder. You will have to deal with repression as a defense mechanism for the victim to cover the bad memories. The counselor and client will have to work through the ethical decision for you may have to report these crimes for it is mandatory and it could effect confidentiality and informed consent in some ways. You must explain all aspects of counseling as it fits with what is happening with them. A counselor when dealing with these decisions must always be objective. You must also be careful with dealing with self-disclosures and also when you as ...

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This is an article defining the aspects of the issues dealing with trauma and abuse. Various problems were listed that could effect the client when they ask for help.

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