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Experiencing trauma

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Please distinguish between remembering events and information or messages. To talk about events, such as the recent tragedy in Japan, it is true that we are not present to experience it first-hand. Is it still possible to experience trauma as a result of something occurring so far away? If so, how is that possible. Please explain using theory/research in your response.

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Trauma can certainly be experienced as a result of something happening a long time before. People who go through traumatic experiences often have symptoms and problems afterward. The severity of the symptoms depends on the person, the type of trauma involved, and the emotional support they receive from others. After a traumatic experience, a person may re-experience the trauma mentally and physically and as a result they avoid trauma reminders. This can happen immediately afterward or many years later. Re-experiencing symptoms are a sign that the body and the mind are actively struggling to cope with the traumatic experience. When an individual has experienced child abuse or sexual ...

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This solution discusses some contributing factors that may lead a person to experience trauma from an event that occured years earlier.