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Counselor Competence - Mental Health Counseling Class

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I need some help please
Define "counselor competence" in your own words. How is counselor competence addressed in both the professional ethical standards and in your own state's laws?

Describe specific ways in which you'll continue to develop and maintain your competence as a counseling professional after you receive your master's degree.

How will you address issues of burnout, impairment, or personal distress that may arise in your work as a counselor?

Include specific examples to illustrate your ideas, and support your discussion with references to the professional literature.

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In order for a counselor to be able to successfully help their clients, they must first be competent and understanding of the field in which they work. They must continue educating themselves on new treatments, medications, and research that can aid them in treating their clients. They must be knowledgeable of APA ethical standards as well as the standards in their own state, which means that a counselor must be understanding of a person's age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, language preference, and socioeconomic status. A ...

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Discusses the importance of counselor competence when working in mental health counseling.

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