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Normative and Informational Social Influence

Explain how both normative and informational social influence worked to convince Stanley Milgram's (1974) participants to deliver powerful shocks to a hapless learner. How did replications of the original study demonstrate the role of normative and informational influence?

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The majority of society has been taught or trained to obey authority which makes it difficult for some people to refuse someone they consider as an authority figure. I think this is typical of operant conditioning because some were afraid to stop for fear of punishment or negative reaction by the person in authority; therefore, the "teachers" continue to cause substantial discomfort and pain and feel that they are just following orders. They justify their actions just as a person who commits mass murder does. I would compare this to a person who suffers from auditory hallucinations and acts on what the ...

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Discusses Stanley Milgram's experiment and how it included normative and informational social influence. References included.