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    How different cultures view micro-aggressions

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    Please discuss "micro-aggressions and different cultures." Explain how the different cultures view micro-aggressions.

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    As you briefly assess how the different cultures view micro-aggressions, I lived in Asia for 5 years, so I am captivated by this topic. In fact, not just Asian Americans, but reports also cite how Latino/Hispanic Americans report that they are commonly regarded and "seen as perpetual foreigners. For example, a female Asian American client arrives for her first therapy session. Her therapist asks her where she is from, and when told "Philadelphia," the therapist further probes by asking where she was born. In this case, the therapist has assumed that the Asian American client is not from the United States and has imposed through the use of the second question the idea that she must be a foreigner. Immediately, a barrier is created" (In fact, not just Asian Americans, but reports also cite ...

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    300 words of notes and references demonstrate how micro-aggressions are viewed from different cultures.