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    Thoughts on Leadership

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    Please write at least 2 paragraphs and reflect on the question below. Please provide references that are not websites. Thank you.

    For this final reflection you are asked to reflect upon your concept of leadership. What are the essential attributes of an effective leader? Have your views changed as a result of your engagement in this course?

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    Organizational Culture

    All organizations develop a personality that is referred to as a culture (Clark, 2011). A health care organization comprises a macro culture and discrete micro cultures arise within each department. The development of these micro cultures is influenced by the personality, values and prejudices of the unit leader (Suominen, Kovasin, & Ketola, 1997). The effect of the leader on a unit can be dramatic and the leader must remain cognizant of the power of their words and actions.

    Essential Attributes of a Leader

    Opinions regarding what attributes are embodied by a good leader are endless, but there are some core values that this writer feels must be mentioned. These traits and examples are from Margaret Miller (Miller, 2010) and have been expanded upon by this writer.

    1. Humility
    a. Realizes that they are there to serve the organization, and all of its stakeholders, ...

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