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Challenges That Arise From Diversity

Describe two current challenges that may arise from cultural differences in today's world. Explain two ways we might address those challenges in your professional life.

One focus of cultural psychology is the comparison of individualistic and collectivistic cultures and an examination of how psychological processes are used to socialize members of a culture. Various psychological processes, including aggression, moral reasoning and identity development, lead to culture-specific and universal attitudes, beliefs, and norms. The implications of these differences in terms of group dynamics are paramount. How we can focus on the challenges created by cultural differences and how, as a scholar practitioner, we can address these challenges?

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One current challenge that may arise from cultural differences may be that of gender roles. For example, one culture may view the presence of women in executive roles as being inappropriate or even offensive while others view it as a normal part of business. Gender responsibilities are also something along these same lines. Women in some cultures are viewed as primarily nurtures so the emphasis on ...

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A discussion regarding two current challenges that arise from cultural differences including ways to address those challenges. Also a discussion regarding individualistic and collectivistic cultures and the differences in group dynamics as it relates to culture, including how all of this applies to scholar-practioners. 258 words.