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Case study - personality theory

In the matrix, be sure to analyze how Jenny in the film Forrest Gump demonstrates the five components of her personality from the perspective of Psychodynamic theory and trait-theory.
1. Structure: The basic units or building blocks of personality.
2. Process: The dynamic aspects of personality, including motives.
3. Growth and development: How we develop into a unique person.
4. Psychopathology: The nature and causes of disordered personality functioning.
5. Change: How people change and why they sometimes resist change or are unable to change.

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In the character of Jenny, we can see that her frequent skips into troubles despite of being rescued by the main character and her lover, in the movie, eventually led her to emerge with the courage to make a turning point, healthy decision about her life; the decision of finally ending the long-awaited change in herself and her treatment towards her sincere most friend, lover and often-tried well-wisher.

Idiographically, the case of Jenny is that of a mix of personality theories. From psychodynamic and psychoanalytic perspectives, certainly Jenny's personality got shaped by her early childhood experience of having suffered at the hands of her abusive father. Thereafter, she goes through a string of bad experiences growing up, as she frequently finds bad company that gets into doing poorly at school, getting into risky behaviors of drugs and smoking, adapting an unsettling life style as a hippie, and all along failing to recognize the good fortune of having a friend in a lover, who cares for her the most and wants her to be well and safe.

The structure of Jenny's personality is clearly weak and damaged. She has self-hurting motives, as a result of her earlier life experiences and the wrong decisions and choices which she keeps making to ...

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Case study - personality theory based analysis is described