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Personality from Erikson's point of view

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Personality from Erikson's point of view

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I will examine the The epigenetic principle, defined by Erik Erikson.

This is a personality theory that is based on the theory that personality is based on predetermined unfolding of our personalities in eight stages. A person's personality develops as they pass through the eight stages. This is governed by the epigenetic principle. Essentially, a person grows and develops based on the success or failure in the pervious stages of the epigenetic principle. Each of the eight stages is characterized by tasks, in which the child (and then adult) must learn to understand and integrate in order to develop their personality. Each stage of development has an optimal time for completion which allows a person to develop and grow psychosocially at an age appropriate rate. It incorporates ideas of how a child should not be rushed into adulthood; it also explains how eventually almost everyone grows up and becomes an adult. The goal of each stage is to master the tasks. If a person can do so, they gain a virtue (a psychological strength) that will not only help them progress successfully to the next stage, but it will help them for the rest of their lives. However, the theory suggests that people progress to the next stage regardless if they were successful in their task. If they were not successful, instead of gaining a virtue, they ...

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