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    Cultural influences

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    Hi I need help with another guide and corrects on what I did. Look on Week 2 dq 2 at the bottom you will find what I wrote.

    Sorry I forgot the website. Guided search: an alternative to the feature integration model for visual search.
    Top-down and bottom-up theories of perception

    I did the work except for the last one (The social and cultural influence on perceptions...)
    I need to know if I am on the right track. I gave you the bean bag pictures so that you can see what i was talking about. I just need a guide to figure out what cultural influence on perception means. Also I need to know if my grammar is correct and APA style is correct also. I did the work.

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    The grammar looked fine on the Week 2 Discussion 2 page. APA needs to be 1 inch on top bottom and sides, double spaced, and double spaced between the paragraphs as well. Don't forget to space 2 times at the end of the sentence. On in text citing, the author's name and date, or the name of organization and date need to be in parenthesis and referenced at the bottom.

    Different cultures ...

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    Discusses what cultural influence on perception is and how various cultures can perceive the environment in different ways.